Sale Who? - An overview of Salehoo

Salehoo Drop Ship Sources

Salehoo is a very useful online resource for product sourcing. The SaleHoo directory contains small wholesalers, bulk wholesalers, dropshippers, liquidators and manufacturers for hundreds of popular products such as PS3s, baby clothes, DVDs, cellphones, designer jeans, computers, jewelry and much more. Salehoo is not only a directory but a collection of useful services to help you succeed with your online sales whether they be through ebay or your own webstore.

Market research is offered for various products. If you do not see the product that you are interested in you can open up a new research product. This service offers information about eBay competition and prices, current advertisements that are being used to sell similar products and an overview of the demand for the product.

Educational offerings include articles on finding and sourcing products, setting up a business, selling on eBay, marketing, security and other topics related to ecommerce.

A very active forum is provided to offer additional help for your needs where staff and veteran users alike offer educational and informative responses to your questions.

Offering an unheard of 56 day money back guarantee, it is apparent that Salehoo really believes in the services that they offer.

Click Salehoo to learn more about Salehoo.

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