Increase Your Sales Using Comparison Shopping

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What is comparison shopping? These are essentially pay per click search engines tailored specifically to consumer goods. They typically offer product images, product reviews and vendor ratings and reviews. Listing your products on these sites is done through product feeds which are normally in XML or a spreadsheet format. When a customer searches a comparison shopping site for a particular product your offerings will show along with other vendor’s.

Google Base or Froogle is offered as a free service and derives it’s profits from advertising. All of the other sites that I have found operate on a pay per click (PPC) basis, meaning that you are only charged when a customer is redirected to your site after clicking on one of your product listings.

Although PriceGrabber works on the PPC model, they also have a unique pay per sale (PPS) service. This is offered for those selling products but who do not have an online storefront or simply for vendors who only want to pay when their product is sold. Using PriceGrabber storefronts you are charged a percentage of any completed sale. Although this may appear to be the best solution, it is not entirely so. They charge $1.50 plus 6.75% of the total purchase price including shipping and handling. In addition, using this service you will not have the opportunity to gain any profit from additional products sold or cross sales.

Overall, if you set up a realistic budget and monitor the cost versus profit comparison shopping sites can provide a large boost to your online sales either with or without your own storefront.

Below you will find a listing of a few of the more popular comparison shopping sites.

Free Services

PPC Services

PPS Services

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