Pacific Cellular Supply, Inc

Boasting an extensive product line spanning over 4500, ready-to-ship cellular and PDA accessories, PCS is definitely your one-stop shopping source for all wireless needs. The company\'s e-commerce platform, created in 2003, allows customers to order products online quickly and easily. Accessories are manufactured pertaining to high-quality standards to meet exact specifications for exceptional performance. PCS offers a wide variety of batteries, plug-in saver chargers, leather cases, dual-port conditioning chargers, hands-free, and many other wireless accessory items for all of today\'s popular phone models.

Customers can also sign up to be a dropshipper, and advertise PCS\' entire catalog on their website. Orders received via drop shippers are shipped with your business labels on the shipping package, without any mention of Pacific Cellular Supply. Drop shippers can also create their own e-commerce website from the PCS platform, access real-time inventory, and hence save on costly maintenance costs of running a business.

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Company Information

Pacific Cellular Supply, Inc
5445 Oceanus Drive #114
Huntington Beach, CA 92649
(888) PCS-7674
sales [at]


cellular phones, drop ship cell phone, car phone kit, PDA accessories

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