30 Below

Ugg Boots (manufactured from original sheepskin) come in many forms: classic, Pammy wraps, Kangaroo classics and the ever popular Nomad Roxy boot - to name a few. All boots are guaranteed to be 100% Merino Sheepskin Quality. Proudly manufactured in Australia, Uggs ship directly from the manufacturer. 30 Below promises to beat and genuine prices you find for Ugg shoes! For a limited time, all orders (both national and international) ship free, with regular sales up to 30% off retail prices.

Customers can also generate their own sales with the 30 Below drop shipping facility. You can place the 30 Below product catalog on your online storefront or eBay store. Upon signing up as a Drop shipper, you place all your customer orders on the drop ship website (requires free account), complete the checkout process including your customer details, and make payment via PayPal (only PayPal is accepted from drop ship orders). Shipped packages include no mention of 30 Below, can include custom business information, and usually ship within 3-7 days.

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Company Information

30 Below
3 Balmoral Ave
Wesburn, Victoria 3799
+61 422 228 716
info [at] earthlink.com.au


wholsale Ugg boots , Dropship Ugg boots, womens boots, sheepskin boots, mens boots

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