Corsos Cookies

Founded in 2001, Corso currently boasts over 100,000 corporate and consumer customers, including Lord & Taylor,, Life is Good, and more. Corso\'s cookies are sold by nearly 100 third-party resellers. Every Corso cookie is baked from scratch, individually hand-decorated by icing artists, and packages with just the right amount of protective cushioning. Cookies are delivered via UPS. In every box, Corso\'s provides information about the ingredients in your cookies, along with a satisfaction card for your recipient to complete and return.

Corso\'s (as of January 2009) is not accepting any more registrations in its Drop Ship merchant program. However, interested applicants can still apply. Drop shipped cookies include mention of all Corso\'s trademarks names, and can have custom business labels.

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Company Information

Corsos Cookies
314 Lakeside
Syracuse, NY 13209
(800) 465-7775
trevor [at]


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